Big melodies. Big guitars. Big beats. And maybe even a few big ideas.

This is Jonathan Mudd.

Singer, songwriter, guitar player...veteran of pop and rock combos out of North Carolina, Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington, DC...plugging away as ever...and just now hitting his musical stride.

This year, on the heels of two critically lauded solo albums (The Washington Post called his debut "great pop-rock"), Jonathan is releasing a brand new record: "Evidence."

Ten hard-swinging rock and roll songs about danger, romance...and the obstacle course we call life.

Mudd 090917 6454


Hey, thanks for visiting my new website! 

I guess I've been missing in action for a while, so I appreciate you stopping by. 

The fact is, I've been working on a new record--writing, rehearsing, recording, refining. It's almost done, and I can't wait for you to hear it. 

I'm going to call it "Evidence," and it includes 10 songs chosen from a big batch I've been writing these last few years. I recorded it with my friend and producer Mark Williams at his Sucker Punch Studios in Maryland, and I had the great fortune to work with a killer new band on the stuff: drummer Ricky Wise, bassist Patrick Thornton and keyboardist Daniel Clarke.

We're finishing up the mixes as I write (damn,'d better crank that guitar on track 4!), and I hope to have it out in a month or so.

Again, thanks for visiting. Please sign up for my mailing list so I can let you know when "Evidence" comes out and keep you informed about my live shows. 



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Record release!

This is what they call the "street date" for my new record, "Evidence." Mark your calendar and be on the lookout for a listening party or club date near you!